Web Services

Browse through search engines results on any given day, thousands of websites are on display to view. As an Internet user, what do you really expect to see once you arrive on a website? For example, if you search Google for a certain brand of cellphone, what is the first thing you look for in a website after clicking on a link from the search engine results?

When most read a book, we put ourselves in the place of a particular character. Experiencing the moment with that character. This is what makes reading great. However, when we browse through websites and search engine results, do you actually read everything word for word like when we read a book; No we scan for what we are looking for. With this in mind, websites do not have a lot of time to catch the attention of viewers. Most website viewers are looking for the results they were for searching. For example, examine There are no images, animations or style, only blue text links on all the pages. Is beautiful? No. Does it serve its purpose? Yes

The process Got It Graphics uses to complete each and every web design project is based on the following factors.

  1. What message/service is our client trying to deliver to their viewers.
  2. Is that message/service delivered it to the viewer in the simplest and most user friendly way possible.
  3. A clean presentation of yourself or company to the viewer.
  4. An experience that brings the viewer back to your site along with their friends.

Websites must serve a purpose. Purpose is the hidden key , “What do I want my viewers to do when they visit my site? Buy your product? Read your article? Make a donation?

Let us make your website pay for itself. A quality website design from Got It Graphics, combined with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services will put you ahead of a large percentage of your competitors.

Magazine/Publication Design

Got It Graphics is a complete source for all your magazine design needs. We will work with you to establish your media agenda and the best method to display. Key attributes…

• Fresh looking magazine designs created for your project.
• All new individual custom designs (no pre-packaged magazine template designs).
• A beautifully designed magazine to suit your market.
• Get your magazine when you need it with our fast turnaround service.

Your magazine design artwork includes

• Design development and concepts provided.
• PDF magazines supplied for proofing.
• Print-ready file creation and delivery to required printers.
• Web optimized e-magazine for fast download from your site.

Our advantage
Got It Graphics has over 10 years of magazine design experience. This experience is reflected in our design work.


Graphic Design

• Publications
• Stationery
• Newsletters
• Logo Creation
• Apparel
• Vehicle Signage
• Advertisements
• Brochures
• and so much more…